Hi, my name is Ivan Korolenko,
and I create websites

Who am I?
Ivan Korolenko
I am a Lead Front End Engineer, who likes challenging tasks.

My HolyJS 2020 Piter talk about lambda calculus My Medium articles My GitHub (you can see a whole code of this website there)
If your problem has solutions, I'll find them.
In my spare time I study everything that catches my eye (often it even happens to be something useful).

- turbo-mode: when needed can accomplish tasks for the week in a few hours
- the more difficult the task, the higher the motivation
- love for functional programming

Do you have an interesting project? Let's bring it to life together!

facts about me

Learned Illustration and created my first project in two weeks by myself. The illustration in the first section of the site was made by me, as is the entire design of this site.
In 4 months designed and created the client part of a messenger similar to Telegram Web for company usage
Learned React + Redux and created my first app with them in a week
Created a password generator on React in 6 hours
Know what monads, functors, clojures, higher-order functions are. I use them quite often.
Having fun searching for the optimal solutions of the problems
Learned the basics of web development (HTML, CSS, JS) and created first full-fledged website in one week
Started going to school at the age of 5. Was an A student.
Wrote my Bachelor's Thesis on the subject of "News aggregator IS" (90 pages with 18 schemes) in one night
I love the beauty of the rising sun as much as the beauty of an elegant algorithm
What can I do?

Systems Design

What is it for: Creating a project that will meet all requirements
Level: Sufficient to build a flexible and scalable architecture that ensures reliable operation and ease of support

Project management

What is it for: Setting and achieving goals of the project
Level: Sufficient to achieve desired goals with the most efficient distribution of team efforts


What is it for: Building client side of the app
Level: Sufficient to bring any idea to life in the form of web application

React, Redux, Lodash, Ramda, etc.

What is it for: Tools for creating modern app
Level: Sufficient to create the front end part of the Telegram Web-level application

Project workflow, Webpack, Git

What is it for: Creation of an effective environment for development
Level: Sufficient to start, maintain and manage a project of any complexity

Functional programming

What is it for: Creation of clear, reusable, and asynchronous code
Level: Know and can use pure functions, HOF, monads, transducers, etc.

Algorithms and data structures

What is it for: Creating the optimal solution to the problem at several levels
Level: Sufficient for analysis and optimization of any solution

Used technologies

Technologies that this site uses:
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • JQuery 3
  • SVG
  • HTML Canvas
  • Animate.css
  • Particles.js
  • Anime.js
  • Slick.js
  • Onepagescroll.js
  • Enquire.js
  • Vivus.js
  • Tagcanvas.js
  • Wordrotator.js
  • Parallax.js
Amtel.clubEuroauto MessengerEuroauto.ruVTBMercaux«15 puzzle» gamePassword generatorThis portfolio websiteWhat I've made? Amtel.clubEuroauto MessengerEuroauto.ruVTBMercaux«15 puzzle» gamePassword generatorThis portfolio websiteWhat I've made?
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